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Murcia is the capital of the Community of the Region of Murcia situated between Andalusia and the Valencian Community. It is located at 35 km from the Mediterranean Sea and 20 km from Orihuela.

Despite its Arab origin of the city, the city keeps a strong Christian heritage. Its historical centre, in which the pathway has kept its medieval network, expands on the northern side of river Segura. Masterpiece of the Baroque style, the Cathedral Santa María, the Palais Episcopal and the Church Santo Domingo are the main features and symbols of the city.

Murcia also offers a host of museums such as Santa Clara museum, Fine Arts (de Ballas Artes), Mills of Segura, Science and Water (de la Ciencia y el Agua), San Juan de Dios, or even the Taurin or Salzillo museums.

The city also gains its charm and is well-known for its festivities that plead for the continuation of its traditions. The Spring Celebration taking place during Holy Week are the city main festivities. They are amongst other things characterized by the procession of the "salzillos", on Good Friday morning but its main tradition is without doubt the Bando de la Huerta which has been celebrated every Easter Thuesday for the past one and a half century. It is paying tribute to the regional folklore through its gastronomy, parades, shows and entertainment in typical costumes. An impressing parade featuring tanks and giving presents to the crowds who turned out in hundreds of thousands ends the festivities at last.

Finally, Murcia holds one of the most impressive offers of tapas bars in Spain, the most charming ones being situated by the Plaza de la Flores and the Santa Eulalia University area.


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