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Alicante is the TGV terminal station (AVE in Spanish)

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Travelling by plane remains the most economical means of transport. The two nearest aiports providing their services on the region are the following :

    - Alicante (El Altet), 40 minutes from Torrevieja. Served by Ryanair.
    - Murcia (San Javier), 30 minutes from Torrevieja

Shuttle services : Alicante airport

Torrevieja benefits from a very effective shuttle services providing transport to the Alicante airport.

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Torrevieja à Alicante airport

Alicante airport à Torrevieja

7h00, 9h00, 11h00, 13h00, 15h00, 17h00, 19h00 and 21h00.

8h00, 10h00, 12h00, 14h00, 16h00, 18h00, 20h00 and 22h00

 Torrevieja bus station

Calle del Mar, 50
03182 Torrevieja

Car rentals

  • Alicante :

There are numerous car rental companies offering their services : Centauro, Enterprise Atesa, Europcar, Goldcar Rental, Hertz, Record Go, Sixt.

For contact details, click here.

  • Murcie :

3 car rental companies offer their services in Murcia airport : Centauro, Europcar et Goldcar Rental.

For contact details, click here.


Finding a taxi in Torrevieja is as simple as it gets !

If you wish to acquire the phone numbers of the three taxi services available in Torrevieja, click here.